Aerodynamics of CORIMA carbon wheels

Dmitriy Fofonov, Astana team manager
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At CORIMA, we place a great deal of importance on the aerodynamic performance of our wheels. Over 20 years ago, we developed a high-performance composite DISC wheel. In 1993, Chris BOARDMAN used our equipment, frame and wheels to achieve one of the most symbolic cycling records in technological terms.

Since then, we have pushed ourselves to constantly innovate. This has allowed the CORIMA range of wheels to maintain its position as one of the most aerodynamically sophisticated and proven wheelsets in the world, a trait vital to nearly any cyclist’s performance.

Jakob Fuglsang (Astana Pro Team Leader) & Thomas Dupont (Corima R&D Manager)

"These wind tunnels testing days are part of our development process and they have to be mix with the ground testing on the velodrome and on the road"

Our experts employ computer simulations to tune our designs, ultimately to reduce drag. This research involves optimizing surfaces of the wheel and tire interface to lower drag or the wheel’s friction in air. We design our wheels to requirelower power as you generate speed.

Over the years we have designed and tested countless prototypes, cross-referencing test results to create the next product evolution or improvement. When a wheel is validated in the wind tunnel, we know the hours of design, testing, class leading materials, and craftsman driven production have culminated into the most sophisticated bicycle wheels in the market.